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In this monthly series we will pick a piece from the Schwartz Art Collection to discuss in the hopes of starting conversations about art on campus and beyond. We don’t claim to be experts, just fans of interesting art excited to talk about what we see. RBN: For our final installment of the year, we’ve chosen Philip…

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What is your Mindset?

HBS’ mission is to help you become leaders who make a difference in the world. In pursuit of our mission we have very high standards and aspirations for you which require your best self in the effort. The knowledge and skills we work together to develop include: (1) basic skills, techniques and frameworks to critically think about the…

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Big data + smart machines = unemployment?

As more of our lives become datafied, we are making leaps in artificial intelligence to make sense of all the data that we generate. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other tech companies are making AI related acquisitions and hires. In a TED interview with Charlie Rose a few weeks ago, Larry Page gave a lot of airtime to Google’s…

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In this monthly series we will pick a piece from the Schwartz Art Collection to discuss in the hopes of starting conversations about art on campus and beyond. We don’t claim to be experts, just fans of interesting art excited to talk about what we see. VS: This month we will be talking about a delightful discovery…

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It’s time to SPEAK UP

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore…

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A good speech inspires. It stirs emotion. It is simple. And sometimes a good speech comes disguised as something else. When Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, visited Harvard Business School last week, his fireside chat with Karen G. Mills ’75, a past Administrator of the Small Business Administration, evoked emotions that only memorable speeches do. After…

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Mentors4u and the true Great Beauty

This March the Italian film, “Great Beauty” won the Academy award for best international movie. The film, skilfully directed by Paolo Sorrentino, depicts the decadence of a part of the Italian society immersed in lavish and extravagant parties and living only by memories of past, often presumed, greatness, in the exquisite setting of a timeless and breathtaking Rome….

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Has FIELD 3 Disappointed You?

For the last three years at HBS, nine-hundred or so RCs have taken, in many cases, their first foray into entrepreneurship during FIELD 3. For some, the class can seem enlightening, intimidating, exciting or frustrating (or all of those feelings at once) but for most the experience is incomplete. You dedicate little time to product design, market testing…

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What All HBS Students Should Aspire To

When all is said and done, this is a pretty amazing school. We go around meeting incredible people around here, and sometimes in the thick of the experience we take for granted just how special and selfless some people are. This section of the Harbus goes out to a different person or team of people every edition. People…

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Did You Find the Job of Your Dreams?

Important Notice: The Harbus would like to make it crystal clear that this article in NO way attempts to undermine the hard, thoughtful work that the Career Development and FIELD divisions are doing for MBA students (in fact, go to the “Give Thanks” article later in this edition if you don’t believe us!). Nor is this article a whiny…

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Follow Your Passion

This would be so much easier if I was nailed on to be a sporting icon… There is an oft-used phrase at this institution that is more irritating than any other. Any guesses? Yes, fine, “Oh man, I really am struggling to choose between job offers” and “I have no idea how I got all…

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Love in the South

This is a perspective for those who have not experienced the South and all of its intricacies. Entrackasees? You know what I’m talking about. I lived in Alabama following my undergraduate education, during a crucial time in my life as far as relationships go: single and 22. I know what you’re thinking: you were so…

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Love means constantly having to say you’re sorry

They say “love means never having to say you’re sorry”, but despite every signal the administration has given us to the contrary, business school is in fact not a critically acclaimed 1970s romantic drama starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw – instead we get the more ethnically diverse but arguably less dramatically talented Jordan Strebeck…

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Don’t Date

My valentines day was spent alone with a bottle of wine, a tub of two-bite brownies, and Kevin Spacey. And you know what? I bet it was better than yours. It’s time we got serious: dating is the worst. It’s like a sales funnel that rewards all of your hard work with the loss of…

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Love At First Read

Once upon a time, this time last year to be exact, The Harbus played matchmaker to Marc Pierre (OG) and La Keisha Landrum. La Keisha, featured in the 2013 “Most Eligible” issue, caught Marc’s eye – and, eventually, his heart. Marc emailed La Keisha the weekend before the Africa Business Conference and invited her to…

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Get Close to the Action

Some folks are fortunate. They know exactly what they are good at, like to do and where to go after HBS to pursue their aspirations and dreams. My hunch is that a far larger number are not so certain and are talking to friends, professors, mentors and counselors to try to figure out what path…

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The Harbus Most Eligible 2014

Who’s the most eligible of them all? We need YOU to decide! Browse our stellar nominees, then use our anonymous survey to vote for the most eligible man and woman at HBS. Voting closes at midnight this Thursday, February 27. The words “Harvard Business School student,” spoken aloud, conjure up a plethora of images…

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“What Mr Peabody Can Teach Harvard Business School About The Fifth Epiphany”

This epiphany is a whopper. With the help of Mr Peabody’s time travel skills, our fifth epiphany is from the future. Yes, absolutely from the effen future! In the future we saw, MBAs study this simplified ‘Fifth Epiphany’. In present day August 2015, it is clearly the culmination and sequel to five (5) authors’ lifetime…

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Art Basel Trek

On the weekend of 5 December, a few lucky members of the Art Society made their way to Miami for 3 days of the annual Art Society Art Basel Trek. Art Basel Miami Beach is the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world, showing modern and contemporary art from around the world. The…

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2014 Healthcare Conference at HBS Tackles Tough Issues in Today’s Healthcare Environment

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, over 700 corporate leaders, medical professionals, academics, and students from around the world will gather on the Harvard Business School campus for the 11th annual Healthcare Conference at HBS. The conference is one of the largest healthcare-focused business conferences in the world, and attendees will gather to engage in meaningful…

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How to Get a Job Without Really Trying

Unfortunately, this article is not a critically-acclaimed Broadway musical starring critically-acclaimed actor Daniel Radcliffe – but, much like life here at HBS, this article will be filled with a combination of great learnings and small disappointments. Second on the list of disappointments? The fact that this article came out too late to guide you to…

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Know What You Don’t Know

I hope you enter the new year with enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, a willingness to go outside your comfort zone to grow and learn, and a feeling of real gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the HBS community. Amidst these feelings of optimism and confidence though, there is another thought that might…

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Back to “Reality”

There’s nothing better than coming back to Boston and starting another semester at HBS. All your fellow students are bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm (unless you’re in EC), the novelty value of winter has yet to wear off (unless you’re in EC), and you’ve made peace with the fact that you’ll probably be in credit…

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FIELD of Dreams

So, another generation of HBS students has made it through FIELD 2. And after soaking up the sun in a variety of Southern Hemisphere hotspots, they’re no doubt relieved to be back here in the icy embrace of Boston’s post-apocalyptic winter wasteland. In January, HBS dispatched RCs to the ends of the earth. Destinations included repeat…

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Behind-the-Scenes with the Sushi Line

It’s 12:07 p.m. Your second class of the day ended early. You know what this means – you’ll be at the front of the sushi line, beating out the rest of your RC classmates. Sometimes while you’re waiting in line, you make TOM-related jokes about throughput time and work-in-process. You re-imagine an optimized sushi line…

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HBS’s Technology Skill Set Gap

“One of the things about IT is that people want to shed it and make believe it’s not their responsibility. There’s a temptation to outsource it and get rid of it and leave it to the experts to take care of. Business people need to be systems literate.” – Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, & CEO…

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Crowd-funding for impact in Nicaragua

Neural tube defects are a type of devastating and often lethal birth defects that can be prevented when mothers take folic acid before and during early-pregnancy. But neural tube defects arise during the 4th week of development, and with more than half of pregnancies around the world unplanned, folic acid supplements often reach pregnant women…

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