“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”: The RLGC HBS Fashion Show
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“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”: The RLGC HBS Fashion Show

By Emily Dohse The Harbus columnist Emily Dohse had front row seats at the RLGC’s 7th Annual Charity Fashion Show. Here is what you missed or (if you went to the afterparty) don’t remember. When Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” he had probably just attended the HBS fashion show. On…

Sam Altman: Founders need passion – which MBAs lack
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Sam Altman: Founders need passion – which MBAs lack

By Patrick Daniel Regular contributor Patrick Daniel reports on President of Y Combinator Sam Altman’s keynote at this year’s Cyberposium. When Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, delivered the keynote at this year’s Cyperposium, an annual student-run conference on the business of technology, students were eager to follow up with questions and ideas. One student…

After publicly blasting L’Oreal’s recruitment efforts, Jessica Assaf finds supporters all over the school – and world
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After publicly blasting L’Oreal’s recruitment efforts, Jessica Assaf finds supporters all over the school – and world

Managing Editor Steve Hind follows up with RC Jessica Assaf, whose brutal reply to a recruitment email went viral earlier this month. On the cover of the last edition of The Harbus, we heard from RC Jessica Assaf, who received a recruiting email from L’Oreal and posted her scathing response online. Two weeks, thousands of…

Partner Spotlight: Carolina Baena (ND), Latin Club Partner Rep and Jewellery Designer
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Partner Spotlight: Carolina Baena (ND), Latin Club Partner Rep and Jewellery Designer

By Emily Dohse Partner Spotlight: Carolina Baena (ND), Latin Club Partner Rep and Jewellery Designer The Harbus’ partner columnist Emily Dohse profiles another awesome HBS partner. This edition it’s Caro Baena, a proud Colombian, an entrepreneur and a brilliant jewellery designer. Meet Carolina Baena, partner and wife of RC Daniel Raffo in Section D!  Originally from…

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The (Mis)education of a Value Investor

Guy Spier graduated HBS in 1993 as – in his own words – an arrogant sonofabitch. Guy had come to HBS after topping Economics at Oxford, via a stint as a consultant at Braxton Associates. At HBS he missed the chance to meet Warren Buffett because he was pining after a girl who didn’t return…

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InsideIL: Connecting MBAs to the Start-Up Nation

This week, HBS MBAs Sara Greenberg and Della Heiman are launching InsideIL – an online platform designed to connect MBA students with leading Israeli companies, and to facilitate summer internships. The program represents an exciting opportunity for students to immerse themselves in dynamic companies, to experience a new culture, and to forge global relationships with leading entrepreneurs…

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Boston’s new StartUp- Achvr

Last month, the Harbus had the privilege of sitting down with Ryan Traeger (CEO) and Drew Watson (CMO) to find out more about their new start-up, Achvr – a social platform that’s all about helping people live happier, more-fulfilled lives. Available online and through an iPhone app, Achvr works by applying familiar game mechanics to…

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Snapchat rebuffs Facebook’s (all-cash) $3 Billion.

The WSJ reported yesterday that the Snapchat founder and Stanford drop-out rejected Harvard drop-out Zuckerberg’s $3 billion all-cash offer. Why? The 23-year-old co-founder is in a place not too unfamiliar to where Zuckerberg was when he was 23 and he’s holding out for a much larger valuation. He sees too much potential to cash out…

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HBS Students Contribute to Haiyan Relief Efforts

Super-typhoon Haiyan – arguably the strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history – has ravaged the Central Visayas region in the Philippines, flattening the entire city of Tacloban and claiming the lives of thousands of Filipinos.  Nearly 700,000 survivors have been displaced from their homes, utterly desperate for food and shelter.  They are in dire need…

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And the SAMBA Award Goes to…

Congratulations to Stacie Smith (OJ) and Tara Hagan (OI) of the Class of 2014, recipients of the October SAMBA Award! Created through a partnership between the SA and MBA Program, SAMBA recognizes unsung students who have had an exceptional impact on the HBS community, improving morale and elevating the sense of community on and off…

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It Will Be OK

Becky Cooper Nadis and Alana Hedlund respond to Jodi Kantor’s recent coverage of HBS in The New York Times. To the RCs: It will be ok. You may have seen an article in the NY Times about gender relations at HBS (or maybe you saw it on Facebook.  Or maybe it was emailed to you…

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Welcome, Back and Forward

Welcome, Back and Forward Welcome back future business leaders. And for you first years…welcome forward?  I can tell you that as a first year you will constantly be enamored with the second years, entranced with the classic paradigmagical trap that makes every second year seem much older and wiser than you are.  And, you’re right. …

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Welcome to Harvard Business School

As you familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Harbus. The Harbus News Corporation is a business run by business school students. We have a P&L, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement (shout out Analytics peeps!). In addition to the print edition…


Harbus Summer Fellowship

  The Harbus is pleased to announce we are accepting applications to our Harbus Summer Fellows Program. The application deadline for all applicants for Summer 2013 is April 24th 2013 at 11:59 PM [email protected] This summer, the Harbus News Corporation at Harvard Business School is opening up our doors to invite talented, innovative and curious…

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Creativity and Conviction: My Takeaways from the HBS Entertainment & Media Summit

Saturday marked the Entertainment & Media Summit at HBS. Students, faculty and industry professionals gathered for a day of exchanging ideas and dreaming about the future of media. Industry guests shared their experiences and insights while students asked questions and challenged the industry practices. It was an enlightened day of vision-casting for the future of…


Robert S. Kapito

“The reason why ETFs are a phenomenal success is that they solved a lot of problems clients faced with mutual funds, namely surrounding transparency, liquidity, costs and tax-efficiency. Remember, we have been working on developing the ETFs for 15 years before it finally caught on and became popular. This alignment of securities features with client…


Celebrating Sanity Is Not Enough to Restore It

Many of us at HBS have been in boardrooms where executives have had to grapple with very tough issues facing their companies. Imagine an executive walks into a board meeting saying, “We need to improve X and make significant changes. The current model is not working. do not know, however, what to do exactly; and…

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