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WSA Doubles Down on Case Protagonists

Are enough female business leaders depicted pondering their next business move in HBS cases? The Women’s Student Association and Dean Nitin Nohria agree: absolutely not. The WSA, HBS’s largest student club, operates with the mission to “prepare HBS women for long-term success and actively foster a campus culture that encourages students of all genders to…

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Why the Harbus Foundation Matters

So what’s the deal with this Harbus Foundation Gala? You’ve seen emails from your Service Reps, lots of tweets, and some flyers in Aldrich. But why is this one different from all the other fancy events you have the chance to attend while at HBS? As someone who has lived and breathed this gala for the…

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Career Spoke

At the Harbus we try to cater to your every intellectual, emotional, and (dare we say it) spiritual need. Are you still looking for a job? Then fear not, young MBAs. This week we’re rolling out Career Spoke. Like Career Hub, but nimble and zeitgeisty. The Netflix to Career Hub’s Time Warner. Luke Skywalker’s gunship…

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Spring Break Ain’t What It Used To Be

With spring break coming up fast, of course the most productive use of these column inches would be to impart some hard-earned learnings to the young, wayward RCs about how to best use their upcoming week off. Spring break as a business school student is very different from the undergrad spring breaks you all may…

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For this month’s column, we had the opportunity to talk with Boston-based photographer Sage Sohier, whose work “Sculptor with Model of Chuck Close in his Summer Studio, Norwalk CT” hangs on the first floor of Shad. Sage’s work has been exhibited at museums such as the MoMA in New York, and the Art Institute of…

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Meet the New SA Co-Presidents

By the time the HBS community has returned from its Spring Break hijinks, outgoing SA Presidents Sarah Arora and Jordan Strebeck will have handed the reins to their successors – Linda Li and Nonso Maduka. We sat down with Linda and Nonso to chat about their vision for the coming year, the role of the…

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In this monthly series we will pick a piece from the Schwartz Art Collection to discuss in the hopes of starting conversations about art on campus and beyond. We don’t claim to be experts, just fans of interesting art excited to talk about what we see. VS: For our second installment, we’ve chosen Lino Lago’s…

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The Harbus Most Eligible 2014

Who’s the most eligible of them all? We need YOU to decide! Browse our stellar nominees, then use our anonymous survey to vote for the most eligible man and woman at HBS. Voting closes at midnight this Thursday, February 27. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7J2XVTZ The words “Harvard Business School student,” spoken aloud, conjure up a plethora of images…

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Heard at today’s WSA conference

Today’s Dynamic Women in Business conference, hosted by the Women Student Association at HBS, continues to be an impressive success. Golden nuggets of advice, quick-witted tips and life-long proverbs speckled thoughtful debate throughout the day. Over 1,000 young and seasoned well-heeled business women power-networked to discuss healthcare, income-equality, marketing, finance, entertainment and media. Here are some…

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Art Basel Trek

On the weekend of 5 December, a few lucky members of the Art Society made their way to Miami for 3 days of the annual Art Society Art Basel Trek. Art Basel Miami Beach is the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world, showing modern and contemporary art from around the world. The…

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2014 Healthcare Conference at HBS Tackles Tough Issues in Today’s Healthcare Environment

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, over 700 corporate leaders, medical professionals, academics, and students from around the world will gather on the Harvard Business School campus for the 11th annual Healthcare Conference at HBS. The conference is one of the largest healthcare-focused business conferences in the world, and attendees will gather to engage in meaningful…

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Back to “Reality”

There’s nothing better than coming back to Boston and starting another semester at HBS. All your fellow students are bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm (unless you’re in EC), the novelty value of winter has yet to wear off (unless you’re in EC), and you’ve made peace with the fact that you’ll probably be in credit…

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FIELD of Dreams

So, another generation of HBS students has made it through FIELD 2. And after soaking up the sun in a variety of Southern Hemisphere hotspots, they’re no doubt relieved to be back here in the icy embrace of Boston’s post-apocalyptic winter wasteland. In January, HBS dispatched RCs to the ends of the earth. Destinations included repeat…


Join HBS DC Alums at one of the most beautiful Ambassador’s Residences in Washington, DC!

      When: December 17th (Tuesday) from 6:30pm to 9:30pm     What: Cocktail Reception (Swiss wine and Swiss hors d’oeuvres included) HBS Professor Francesca Gino will be presenting her new book: Sidetracked  Ambassador of Switzerland Manuel Sager and his wife, Mrs. Christine Sager will host us and present Switzerland current facts Event covered by The…

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HBS’s Technology Skill Set Gap

“One of the things about IT is that people want to shed it and make believe it’s not their responsibility. There’s a temptation to outsource it and get rid of it and leave it to the experts to take care of. Business people need to be systems literate.” – Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, & CEO…

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Crowd-funding for impact in Nicaragua

Neural tube defects are a type of devastating and often lethal birth defects that can be prevented when mothers take folic acid before and during early-pregnancy. But neural tube defects arise during the 4th week of development, and with more than half of pregnancies around the world unplanned, folic acid supplements often reach pregnant women…

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A View : Contextual Awareness

The current issue of Harvard Business Review contains an article called Focused Leaders written by Daniel Goleman that is worth reading and reflecting upon. Goleman makes the point that most effective leaders cultivate a “triad of awareness” as the editor’s note describes to include oneself, others, and the greater context. Much has been written about…

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Thanks, Thanksgiving

Done. Dusted. Plate licked clean. Just as fast as it came along, Thanksgiving now recedes into the past like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s boats against the current. Unnecessary literary allusions aside (and didn’t the Baz Luhrmann version just suck?), not only did it make the stomach ache, it also made the mind think. Being from the…

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Raamin Noodles: How to Black Friday

Well folks, November has come and gone, and with it has gone not only the strongest batch of mustaches this campus has seen since the late 1950s, but also that venerable American holiday we know as Thanksgiving. For the somehow-still-confused internationals in the audience, Thanksgiving is the most uniquely American of all holidays because it…

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One Western 451

#DrLivingstoneIPresume Flick: My passport just came back with my visa for Field 2. Accra, here I come! Spencer: I’m not sure what problems Ghana currently has, but a hundred RCs roaming around with clipboards is about to become one of them. Andrew: Our Field Partner in Argentina last year asked us to disrupt the laundry…

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HBS Alum Series: Q&A With Ms. Angela Chao, Class of 2001, Section E

Angela Chao is Deputy Chairman of Foremost Group, an international shipping company in New York.  Prior to joining Foremost Group, Angela Chao worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department of Smith Barney, now a part of Citigroup. Angela received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree from Harvard College where she graduated…

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HBS Alum Series: Christopher Michel

Christopher Michel is an American investor, he is an entrepreneur, a Navy man, a photojournalist, an author and HBS alumni. He is the founder of Affinity Labs and Military.com and currently runs Nautilus Ventures, a seed venture fund. In 1999, after a brief stint at Mercer Consulting he decided to build his own company, Military.com….

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News in Brief

Apple claims production of green sapphire crystals for iPhone fingerprint scanners “is totally not actually Kryptonite, we promise” Crazy-massive tech company Apple is once again ramping up production of seemingly-odd internal components well in advance of sales of the newest edition of its iPhone. The latest item to make its way through Apple’s supply chain…

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