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The Politics of Free Speech

The Politics of Free Speech

A group of friends sits safely in an apartment overlooking The Charles river. It’s a week until one of the most divisive elections in US history. The HBS MBA students are from all over the world, different ethnicities, different nationalities and backgrounds. The discussion that follows is illuminating. The candidates and their statements are hotly…

The Trump Card
Controversy, News, On Campus, Politics

The Trump Card

HBS Students React to Shock Election Result As the world reels from the shocking result of the US 2016 Presidential Election, HBS students have written to The Harbus with their reflections. The mood on campus this morning is somber and perplexed, no one expected this. Sitting in class on Monday morning only three people raised…

From MBA to Fortune 500 CEO: Fireside Chat with Steven Reinemund, former PepsiCo CEO
Fortune 500, General Management, Industry Insights, Outside the Bubble, Recruiting

From MBA to Fortune 500 CEO: Fireside Chat with Steven Reinemund, former PepsiCo CEO

It is hard to know what to expect when going to meet a Harvard Business School case protagonist in person. In our HBS cases, most CEOs spend an awful lot of time staring out of windows in heavy contemplation. Windows, it seemed, were critical to learning. This robust theory was unequivocally overturned when I met…

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