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Former President of Chile meets with HBS Students

By Sophia Branes

By Sophia Branes

A few Fridays ago on September 30th, the Chilean HBS community received an illustrious visitor: Mr. Sebastián Piñera, who holds a M.A. and Ph.D in Economics from Harvard, is a successful businessman, and was president of Chile between 2010 and 2014. Mr. Piñera, along with his wife Cecilia Morel, invited ~30 members of the Chilean grad student community in Boston and their families to a 90 min open talk and Q&A at MIT Sloan. The conversation was centered around Mr. Piñera’s views regarding future challenges and opportunities for Chile, and how grad students can make a difference when coming back to Chile.  This was particularly interesting for the community because even if Mr. Piñera hasn’t officially presented his candidacy for the 2017 election, he is leading all the popularity polls, and if he decides to run for office he might become once again Chile’s president.


HBS was represented by Ximena Bannura (MBA 2017, section F), Sophia Brañes (MBA 2018, section I), Javier Justiniano (MBA 2018, section H) Manuel José León (MBA 2018, section D), Andrés Ramírez (MBA 2018, section I), María Jesús Ramírez (MBA 2018, section A), and Pablo San Martín (MBA 2018, section E).





October 18, 2016

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