HBS ECs Explore Pittsburgh

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October 10, 2019
Students converge on Pittsburgh and realize there’s much more to see than coal, steel, and bridges. Brian Linville (MBA ’20), Frankie Costa (MBA ’20), and Eric Levine (MBA ’20) report. Harvard Business School has a long tradition of “Treks,” structured trips organized by students who come from the destinations, and alumni often count them among...

Entrepreneurship, Start Ups

Innovation: Is It Only for Startups?

Umang Sota (MBA ’21) examines entrepreneurial efforts at large companies. Almost ubiquitously, words like “Innovation” and “The Next Big Thing” are associated with startups. VC firms are competing every day to get a sliver of potentially the next Uber or the next Google. Up-and-coming talent and even the long-time industry veterans are happy to work...

Startup Corner: Bringing Ramen to Boston

Poorvi Vijay (MBA ’21) talks with Yasu Sasago (MBA ’20) about the startup that he and Masato Nakamura (MBA ’20) are developing. Tell us about your journey of how you thought about starting a business while studying at HBS. When I came to HBS, I knew that I wanted to try something entrepreneurial. But I...

LeverEdge-ing Our Collective Power

LeverEdge, the brainchild of two HBS students, is continuing to disrupt the world of student loans. Asha Tanwar (MBA ’21) reports. With approximately $1.6 trillion in total debt outstanding and almost $9 billion of new student loans taken out in the last academic year in the United States, LeverEdge is uniquely positioned to capitalize on...
Entrepreneurship, Technology

Startup Corner: Alpha Vantage

What is the problem you’re trying to solve? Institutional-quality, real-time financial market data is not affordable or accessible to individual end users unless they (or the organization they are affiliated with) can afford to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for data charged by legacy providers . Olivier Porte and Steve Zheng (both MBA...
Entrepreneurship, Industry Insights, Technology

4 Steps to New Product Success: Tech Leaders Discuss Keys to Launching the Next iPhone, Tesla & AWS

What are the greatest high-tech products and services ever launched? Apple’s iPhone? Tesla Model S? Amazon Web Services? Adobe Photoshop?  Windows XP? How about the groundbreaking Netscape Navigator? This past year, Silicon Valley technology product leaders launched a Product Leader Summit series hosted by Spero Ventures and sponsored by The Omidyar Network, Women in Product...


Featured, Features

China and Japan: Facing the Past and Forging the Future

Ryo Takahashi (MBA ’20) speaks with Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel. As China celebrates its 70th National Day, Japan prepares in earnest to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the United States becomes increasingly protectionist, the coming decade presents unique opportunities and challenges for Sino-Japanese relations. Professor Ezra Vogel at Harvard University is among those who...
Commentary, Featured, Kevin Sharer

The Three Graces for MBAs Today

In his monthly column for the Harbus, Professor Kevin W. Sharer shares his thoughts on the issues facing HBS students. The Three Graces is a famous marble neoclassical sculpture executed by the Italian artist Antonio Canova in the early 19th century. The graces are meant to represent the three daughters of Zeus, who personified mythological...
Campus News, Featured, Features

HBS Launches Student-Wide Survey on MBA Rankings

Raseem Farook (MBA ’21) talks to the marketing and admissions teams at HBS to understand their perspective on business-school rankings. MBA rankings have become increasingly important to business-school applicants over the last few years, as they help them compare different MBA programs. Finishing on top of these rankings sends a strong signal to the applicant...
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Welcome from Your Student Association Co-Presidents

Gaby Goldstein (MBA ’20) and Connor Cash (MBA ’20) share their thoughts on the beginning of this new school year. Welcome Class of 2021 and welcome back ECs! We are Gaby Santana Goldstein and Connor Cash. Together we are your Student Association Co-Presidents for this year. This past week has been a great moment to...
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RCs Learn to Give and Take

This year’s START featured a new addition: Reciprocity Rings. Gabriel Ellsworth (MBA ’20) reports. On the second day of their MBA journey, the Class of 2021 learned a lesson that should serve them well throughout their two years at HBS and beyond: request and offer help often. They tried their hands at doing just that...
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Reimagining Capitalism

Rethinking firms and their role in society: Ryo Takahashi (MBA ’20) talks with Professor Rebecca M. Henderson. It has been a commonly held belief that the purpose of firms is to maximize shareholder value. This notion of shareholder primacy resonates with many business leaders’ understanding of their fiduciary duties, and with our norms of how...
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Adapting to Your New World

In his monthly column for the Harbus, Professor Kevin W. Sharer shares his thoughts on the issues facing HBS students. May comes again as we celebrate, encourage, and recognize another 900 or so new HBS graduates. This is a singular honor, privilege, and accomplishment that will always reflect credit upon you and set you apart....
Featured, Features, Interview

Priorities for 2019: A Conversation with Dean Nohria

The Harbus Co-Editors-in-Chief Takahashi (MBA ’20) and Ellsworth (MBA ’20) met with the Dean to discuss his strategic outlook for the year. The year 2019 will undoubtedly be a big one, with new opportunities and unique challenges. Major global events such as Brexit, the abdication of Japan’s Emperor Akihito, and the Indian general election are...
Featured, Features, Interview

A Conversation with Larry Culp

Tasnia Huque (MBA ’20) discusses GE, LEAD, and career advice with Culp. Danaher CEO turned HBS LEAD Professor turned conglomerate CEO again—Henry Lawrence “Larry” Culp Jr. (MBA ’90) likely needs no introduction. Currently at the helm of General Electric, Larry is no stranger to running Fortune 500 companies. He is, however, the first outsider to...
Campus News, Club Corner, Featured, Features, Humor

From the Boardroom to the Stage

HBS Show’s Executive Producer Brooke Biederman (MBA ’19) talks with Executive Director Savannah Greene (MBA ’19) about her directing style, insider details from the rehearsal rooms, and the storied show’s first performance in the new Klarman Hall. “HBS Show is one of our most important traditions. It gives us a chance to laugh at ourselves,...
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How Well Is HBS Internationalizing?

From journalist Thomas Friedman proclaiming that The World Is Flat to sociologist Anthony Giddens observing that in today’s world, “the local and global have become inextricably intertwined,” thought leaders seem to agree that globalization has brought an unprecedented level of social and economic integration at a dizzying pace. An ever-globalizing world has had implications on...




Card Wars

When Chase introduced a metal version of its credit card in 2016, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the card was a ground-breaking innovation in consumer cr...


Accu-Reggie’s Weather Forecast for October

Reggie Smith (MBA ’20) tells us what to expect this month. October is the great transition month in New England. The last warmth of summer melts away, while the first frost of winter arrives. Our campus will be overcome with beautiful fall foliage as the leaves change their colors. Of course, all this means one...

Card Wars

When Chase introduced a metal version of its credit card in 2016, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the card was a ground-breaking innovation in consumer credit payments. “It does exactly the same thing as my old card—just heavier,” said Marcus Peabody, RC. “Whenever I’m out to dinner with friends and I drop my card on the...

Admit’s LinkedIn Post Announcing HBS Acceptance Fails to Secure 100 Likes; Admissions Decision Under Review

The perils of social media and university admissions … After a failed LinkedIn humble-brag announcing his HBS acceptance, admit Michael O’Connolly may not be Boston-bound after all. O’Connolly, 27, thought he’d done everything right. A self-described “risk-taker” who has “always done things my own way,” he followed in his father’s footsteps to attend Princeton before...
Advice, Humor

HBS to Replace PE Bro Intake with AI, Starting with Class of 2022

The shocking announcement simultaneously impacts PE and tech bros globally. In a shock announcement that has left associates worldwide concerned, the HBS Admissions Office announced that starting with the upcoming admissions rounds, they will no longer be admitting students from the investment banking and private equity industries. Instead, classes will introduce the software “BuysideBot,” which...
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